Arun Kabeli Power net profit rises by 73051.49%; Net profit increased to Rs 10.97 crores

As per the fourth quarter of FY 2076/77, Arun Kabeli Power has raises net profit to Rs 10.97 crores in Q4 of FY 2076/77 from Rs 1.5 lakhs in the corresponding previous quarter. This is the rises in net profit of company by 73051.49% as compared to corresponding previous quarter.

The company has earned huge profit in this quarter from sales of electricity this year. The company earned 40.73 crores from sales of electricity in the Q4 of FY 2076/77.

The company maintain the paid of capital at Rs 1.5 arba with reserve and surplus of Rs 9.42 crores in the Q4 of FY 2076/77. Company is able to increased operating profit to Rs 40.62 crores from Rs 11.47 lakhs as compared to corresponding quarter of previous year.

Borrowing of company has increased to Rs 3.51 arba (i.e. by 9.98%) in Q4 of FY 2076/77 that lead to rise in financial costs of company to Rs 26.45 crores.

The company’s EPS and net worth has increased to Rs 7.32 per share and Rs 106.28 per share respectively in the end of fourth quarter. The quarter end PE Ratio stand at 15.85 times.

Financial Report Summary of Arun Kabeli Power 

Particular ('000')Q4 FY 2076/77Q4 FY 2075/76
Paid up Capital 1,500,0001,500,000
Reserve and Surplus 92,241.48-
Plant Property and Equipment4,741,754.3965,656.46
Borrowing 3,515,151.123,196,252.24
Income from Sales of Electricity407,357.51-
Financial Costs264,523.31
Operating profits406,789.861,147.23
Net Profit109,752.1115.03
EPS (Rs)7.320.01
Net Worth (Rs)106.2898.97
PE Ratio (times)15.85-
Quarter end price (Rs)116-

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