IPO allotment of Samaj Laghubitta expected to happen today; Liberty Energy on Monday

Kathmandu: Samaj Laghubitta’s IPO allotment is expected to happen today (Saturday) and Liberty Energy Company’s IPO allotment on Monday.

As per issue manager Siddhartha Capital Limited, IPO allotment of Samaj laghubitta will be conducted today (Bhadra 13). The issue manager has reported 5,64,138 applicants have applied for a total of 1,19,89,080 units of share worth Rs 1.19 Arba. This issue is oversubscribed by 148.53 times. Out of 5,64,138 applicants, only lucky 8,070 applicant will be allotted 10 units of share.

Samaj Laghubitta has been issuing 86,000 units worth Rs 86 Lakhs at a par value of Rs 100 from Bhadra 4 to 8. Out of the total issue of 86,000 units, 5% (i.e. 4,300units) were set aside for the mutual fund and 1000 units were set aside for employee.

IPO allotment of Liberty Energy Company is expected to happen on Monday, Bhadra 15. As per issue manager NIBL Ace Capital, the issue was fully subscribed. All the applicant applied for the issue will be allocated.

Company has been issuing 35,64,930 units of share (including 13,14,930 units unsubscribed by locals) worth Rs 35.64 Crores at a par value of Rs 100. This issue was opened from Bhadra 3 to 7.

Liberty Energy Company is developing the 25 MW Upper Dordi ‘A’ HEP in Faleni and Dhodeni VDC Lamjung districts of western Nepal. The per megawatt cost of the project (including IDC) is Rs 18.54 crores and its payback period is 9.20 years.

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