Universal power company net profit rises by 98.02% to Rs 5.71 Crores in Last Quarter of FY 2076/77

Universal power company has published their unaudited last quarter financial report of fiscal year 2076/77.

As per the report, company’s net profit rises by 98.02% to Rs 5.71 crores from Rs 2.88 crores in the corresponding period of previous quarter. 

The company’s borrowings increased by 26.26% to Rs 1.25 arba in Q4 of fiscal yerar 2076/77. The company invest Rs 14.98 lakhs in plant property and equipment in this quarter.

The company’s paid of capital stand at Rs 2.10 arba with increase in its reserves and surplus by 304.61% to Rs 10.14 crores in the Q4 of fiscal year 2076/77. 

The company EPS rises by 98.02% that stood at Rs 2.72 and net worth stood at Rs 104.83 per share. The quarter-end PE ratio reported at 25.75 times.

The company project “Tallo Khare Khola Jalvidyute (11MW)” is the in the final stage of completion . So, company has no income from sells of electricity in this quarter.

Financial Summary of Universal Power Company

Particular (‘000’) Q4, FY 2076/77 Q4, FY 2075/76
Paid-up Capital 2,100,350 2,100,350
Reserve and Surplus 101,468.77 25,078.02
Plant, Property and Equipment 1,498.65 380.91
Borrowings 1,253,371.65 992,682.13
Administration and other Expenses 6,369.45 7,183.97
Operating Profit 76,143.86 38,451.94
Net Profit 57,107.89 28,838.95
EPS (Rs) 2.72 1.37
Net Worth per share (Rs) 104.83 101.19
PE Ratio (times) 25.75
Quarter end price (Rs) 70

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